Diwali Wishes At Louis Vuitton

I didn't even know what Diwali was until Friday, but it's quickly become one of my favorite holidays. WWD released a photo back in August describing Louis Vuittons plan to celebrate the Indian Festival of Lights by creating themed windows in stores worldwide. Polyvore is also holding a contest in honor of the occasion, but I never win those :( haha. I'm in love with Indian/Bollywood styles. I'm all about rich fabrics and vibrant colors. Pics of the actual window displays below.

Ad Campaign Photos via Xcitefun.net - Window Photos via Freshmess


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  2. Anonymous8.11.10

    Wow, love the images and the window display. So beautiful.

  3. Those displays are so magnif!

  4. I would so rock all of those dresses...but they so wouldn't look right on me...I'm shaped like a line-backer ;)

  5. those dresses are crazy beautiful !

  6. I work right next to an LV store and the window display is just as lovely as those photos - really rich colours combined with the delicate paper! ODA x